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Company Profile

Belgana is a company of individuals that began to carry out activities in April 2001.

Initially the company only engaged in Civil Construction, namely building the House private residence in some of the housing complex in Jakarta. After passing the first year, a new start in 2003 the company was known by a wider circle and won the trust of some of the more personal and agency or owner of the company.

That year some company entrust some development work or their Office Interiors to Belgana. And from the belief then start Belgana to develop the kind of business efforts to the wider scope of work, which initially only at the Civil Construction sector has now started with the Interior and next to fields of Stell Construction.

We are currently supported by some experts in the field of engineering with different specifications. In both the office for design and planning in the field or to the supervision of implementation. Thus will support the planning or design that fits the customers desire, and get results with a good quality, supervision in accordance with the expectations of the customer.

With keep opening good results and until now this is a project personal and company which has a working on belgana, ranging from houses, office until the barn. Ranging from civil work construction ( development of the early stages ) steell construction work until interior furniture.

We will try to innovate them and keep improvise so can still developing still maintain quality and good qualities even better in future.